A new species of dormouse is discovered in the Loir Valley, an animal that feeds on Time. It nests in buildings or trees in ancient territories, absorbing the memory contained in the different materials to slow down its metabolism. The public then wanders around the area, looking for Time-eating dormice using their smartphones, to save Time and discover the secrets of the places where the dormice reside.
Cent Millions de Pixels, in addition to the device "A la poursuite du Temps Caché" rproduced by le Crabe Fantôme, made a 3D animated film reconstructing the church of Château-l'Hermitage in which some specimens of those Time-eating dormice are undoubtedly hiding.

Type | Animated film
Client | Pays d'art et d'histoire Vallée du Loir
Cent Millions de Pixels
Publication date | 2020