Recent historical and archaeological research on the Château des Ducs has made it possible to obtain the necessary material to create a digital 3D model for the public. This aspect of popularising knowledge is very effective for understanding the architectural evolutions of the monument.

Alongside the scientific committee put together for this purpose, Cent Millions de Pixels is recreating the Château des Ducs de Bretagne over five eras. This is the most ambitious project concerning the château in terms of 3D reconstruction. Far from the images that are often considered distant and unengaging in this type of device, the visual aspect is captivating and different; it uses a watercolour effect to showcase the evolution of the château through different backdrops as the day and seasons go by.
The application also makes it possible to compare the eras, which also highlights the architectural evolutions of the monument. The mediators have access to a specific version (on a tablet) that makes it possible to illustrate their facts and stories.

Take a look behind the scenes of the project

Type | Interactive 3D model
Customer | Le voyage à Nantes
Cent Millions de Pixels in collaboration with | MGDesign
Publication date | 2020