The Hôtel de la Chancellerie d'Orléans was, in the 18th century, one of the most beautiful private mansions in Paris. Its remarkable decorations were mentioned in travel guides and aroused the wonder of visitors. At the end of a long controversy, the Banque de France obtained authorization to demolish the hotel in 1923, on condition that one day all the decorations were reassembled in new premises….
The projects followed one another ... until the idea of hosting them at the Hôtel de Rohan took shape in the early 2000s. An inventory of the crates was undertaken and followed by a restoration campaign.
Each room in the Chancellery of Orléans thus regained, in 2021, a new splendor in the Hôtel de Rohan.
The film, projected on two large walls in a room dedicated to mediation, immerses the visitor in a vast fresco telling this extraordinary story.

Cent Millions de Pixels is in charge of the 3D models of the different states of the Chancellery of Orléans for this film directed by Jean-Damien Charrière for Drôle de Trame.

Type | 3D Animation
Client | Hôtel de la Chancellerie d'Orléans
Cent Millions de Pixels in collaboration with | Drôle de Trame
Publication date | 2021