Le château de Châteaubriant has undergone major developments. In this context, a digital mediation space opens its doors. A multimedia device consisting of a touch table and a video projection allows young and old alike to understand the site in 3 dimensions and offers mediators the opportunity to base their speech on the architectural developments of the castle.
Cent Millions de Pixels has reconstructed the castle in 7 different eras and made a didactic animated film to relive the 1488 siege by the army of the King of France.
The real-time 3D application developed by MG Design has made it possible to navigate freely through the different eras and compare them with each other. The application also provides access to a large media library.

Type | Interactive 3D model
Customer | Grand Patrimoine de Loire Atlantique
Cent Millions de Pixels in collaboration with | MG Design
Publication date | 2017