An interactive digital space has opened its doors at the beginning of the tour in the recently restored old orangery. Interactive terminals and large screens broadcast 3D representations of the Castle.
The outcome of more than one year's collaboration with a university historian, Mrs Lucie Gaugain, Cent Millions de Pixels has reconstructed the Royal Castle of Amboise at several stages of its history.
The 3D application developed by MG Design can be used on interactive terminals and shows the state of the castle in 6 different eras. It makes it possible to compare these eras and to access additional content. .
On the annual event of "Gardens in the Loire Valley", the Royal Castle of Amboise has created a new garden inspired by the garden imagined by the Neapolitan gardener, Dom Pacello, more than 500 years ago. Cent Millions de Pixels, with the help of historians, became a gardener and restored this original garden in 3D with its developments.

Type | Interactive 3D model
Customer | Château Royal d'Amboise - Fondaton Saint Louis
Cent Millions de Pixels in collaboration with | MG Design
Publication date | 2017